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Six great dinosaur books for young scientists

Just about every child I know has been through a dinosaur phase – and for some, it never stops! Here are some fantastic books to make the most of this interest, and extend it. Now, there are lots of funny...

/ December 15, 2017

Do your books have characters that look like the children in your neighbourhood?

Do the books on your centre’s bookshelves reflect the ethnic make-up of your families? Can every child in your centre read books, lots of them, every day, about children who look like them? These are important questions for anyone responsible...

/ December 15, 2017

Six lovely Christmas picture books

Books and Christmas are a great match! If you would like your children to have an idea of why some people have a special holiday at Christmastime, here are some lovely picture books you might want to add to your...

/ December 15, 2017

Better Books: Does Your Book Collection Encourage Gender Equality?

Are you a huge fan of reading with children? There’s just about nothing better, is there, than cuddling on a sofa with small people, watching them learn to love the world of books. Every parent and teacher wants the best...

/ December 15, 2017

Supporting relationships and attachment in the early years

Relationships are broadly defined as the state of being connected or related. This can mean an association by blood or marriage, a kinship or the mutual dealings, connections, or feelings that exist between two parties. It is also recognised as...

/ November 8, 2017

Expanding our notion of family to include the Rainbow Family

Kath Cooper is back again to talk more about Rainbow Families. While celebrating and acknowledging all family compositions is important, time and again it is the unnoticed family structures that need a little more ‘love and attention’ from teachers. Rainbow...

/ October 15, 2017

Planning with consistency and coherency at Daisies Early Education and Care Centre

Before Daisies Early Education and Care Centre used Storypark’s planning tools, their planning mostly took place on many notebooks and pieces of paper, which made keeping track of what different age groups had been exploring and investigating difficult. Since implementing...

/ October 3, 2017

Not another “no” with toddlers

As I was driving this morning, I passed a food van parked by the side of the road. On its side was emblazoned its business name, ‘Not Another Pie Van’. I drove on, wondering what they sold (presumably not pies)....

/ September 20, 2017

The power of friendships in early childhood – video

Early childhood educators sometimes overlook the power of friendships. Hear Jane Bertrand from the University of Toronto discuss socio-emotional responsiveness, cognitive responsiveness, and scaffolding.

/ September 14, 2017

No tech in your early learning center? No problem!

There’s a lot of talk about digital tools in early childhood. If you don’t have ipads and other devices at your center, you might feel like you are limited in ability to utilize some of the latest developments. The good...

/ September 12, 2017