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A better way to connect school and home in California

      The Gillispie School is an independent, coeducational day school in La Jolla, California, enrolling 250 students from age two to Grade Six (age twelve). The school began as a small cottage that served hot meals to the underprivileged...

/ June 21, 2017

Tips for engaging with children’s learning from Dan Donahoo

Dan Donahoo gave us 5 tips for parents for engaging in children’s learning. Watch them here, and add your thoughts in the comments! Read more from Dan here: “Using the right avenue to engage with vulnerable families”

/ June 17, 2017

Nature and the Reggio Emilia approach – Dr Anne Meade

Today our guest blog post is from Dr Anne Meade, who is one of Storypark’s advisors and an inspiration to educators across New Zealand and beyond. I grew up in the Wairarapa. My parents and extended family on both sides...

/ June 12, 2017

So they like to put on dresses

The Storypark blog shares diverse opinions from educators and parents all over the world. Today our guest blog post is from the author of ‘Uplifting Early Childhood‘. What are your thoughts? Share them below in the comments, we’d love to...

/ May 24, 2017

A baby’s first 1000 days of life are the most important – here’s why

Did you know that the eldest child is statistically more likely to be the most ‘successful’? All because of one factor called the dyad relationship. More commonly known as the one on one relationship. Watch this talk from thought leader...

/ May 24, 2017

An evolving outdoor classroom at The Gillispie School

At the Gillispie School, we have long aspired to an ‘Outdoor Classroom’ but always felt limited by our concrete playground situated in the middle of a residential neighborhood. With a small lawn and a scattering of trees, it didn’t seem...

/ May 24, 2017

Opening lines of communication at Boronia Early Childhood Centre

Mission Australia Early Learning Boronia is a not for profit service with an aim to help provide early learning support for the local community. The service offers 85 places, providing care and education for children from the age of 6 weeks,...

/ May 17, 2017

Less can be more when documenting

There are two schools of thought around the aesthetics of documenting children’s learning. Some educators prefer to create colourful borders and backgrounds using various programmes and apps, which they then upload as an image to a child’s Storypark profile. Others...

/ April 27, 2017

Dear Zoo – extending children’s interests is different to extending learning

A child would come to my Kinder room on a Monday morning and be very excited to share their stories about their trip to the Zoo on the weekend. So as a graduate teacher 6 years ago, I was so...

/ April 26, 2017

Embracing a vision for children’s learning with the early years frameworks

When using the Early Years Learning Framework always remember… That it is just that – a framework. It’s not a syllabus, nor a program, not a curriculum, nor a model, neither is it an assessment tool. Above all, it is...

/ April 26, 2017