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Filtering emails to avoid cluttering your inbox

I have an admission. Sometimes I avoid checking my email, even when there are important things in it for me to deal with – because the mere thought of the chaos that is my inbox is enough to make my...

/ February 15, 2017

2017 calendar of events for early childhood services

A summary of just some of the many celebrations and national days celebrated and recognised by educators, families and children around the world!            

/ January 25, 2017

How imaginative play helps children learn

Many of the memories I have of my childhood include my two older sisters, who are close in age to me, and we played together often. On weekends and school holidays we would distract ourselves for hours, often outside on...

/ January 18, 2017

Art explorations for early learners

Art is often about the process, rather than the product – which is particularly important to remember when doing art activities with young children. As early childhood educators, we’re all familiar with the idea that if the end products all...

/ January 5, 2017

Supporting an effective transition to school

The end of year is a busy time for everyone, so we’ve prepared a few practical tips from experts to help you save time and create the best outcomes for children. In the run up to holidays children are excited,...

/ December 5, 2016

More exciting science activities for young children

When we shared our last article on experimenting with science for young children, we realised just how much you love to spark curiosity about the world of science early with children. Our team of early childhood educators have created a...

/ November 28, 2016

Resources to support children after an earthquake

A large earthquake is an extremely terrifying and unsettling act of nature that even we as adults, can find impacts on us in the days and weeks afterwards. It is only to be expected then, that children of all ages...

/ November 13, 2016

Helping Children to Identify and Manage their Feelings

How do we raise children to be empathic human beings? One of the biggest challenges faced by those working in early childhood care and education services is managing the behaviour and emotions of young children. “Brain research studies have shown...

/ October 17, 2016

The role of men in teaching young children

Men in early childhood education are a minority, not just in New Zealand but around the world. We spoke with Dr David Brody a Lecturer, Author, Academic Dean and Head of Early Childhood at Efrata College in Israel about his...

/ October 4, 2016

Daybook Options

So much can happen in a day in an Early Childhood learning environment. That can make it tough to update parents about what has gone on, especially when parents are arriving and leaving at the end of the day. So...

/ August 16, 2016