Month: May 2024

Part one: What are the benefits of data-based decision making in ECE?

Welcome to the series on data-based decision making in ECE! We’re looking at how data and analysis coupled with our own professional intuition and insight can inform better decision making in early childhood education. Data based decision making is simply leveraging data such as parent feedback, ECE market trends, educator and services’ performance, and financials to guide the process of...

/ May 27, 2024

Reggio Emilia – Documenting my inspiration and learning (from a New Zealand perspective)

My learning about the Reggio Emilia educational project began as I listened to a presentation by Leila Gandini, editor of The Hundred Languages of Children. Leila Gandini’s session challenged my (limited, then) view of how capable preschool children could be as thirsty knowledge seekers. She showed pedagogical contexts in Reggio Emilia preschools that expanded children’s explorations across different ‘languages’, fed their...

/ May 22, 2024