Month: January 2024

Welcoming parents and families with Storypark

As we return to work with fresh energy and inspiration for an exciting year ahead, now is a great time to prepare for a thoughtful and stress-free welcome for children, parents and families as they return or start their journey with your early learning service. This blog post shares some of the most successful tips and techniques practised by leading...

/ January 18, 2024

Help is at your fingertips

How to Find the Help You Need Do you sometimes find when you are using Storypark that you have a burning question to ask or a problem to solve? Thankfully, Storypark is relatively straightforward to use, but figuring things out through exploring or trial and error costs you the one thing you don’t have a lot of. Time! To help...

/ January 15, 2024

Top Tips for Welcoming New Educators

Top Tips for Welcoming New Educators We all know what it’s like to learn something new, a new sport, a new recipe – how about new digital documentation software?  When you have a guide, it can be that much easier! We’ve crafted some handy resources to get your new educators onboard. We also know that each service uses Storypark in...

/ January 15, 2024