Month: October 2023

Empowering educators through collaboration

Continuing our commitment to ECE software that supports quality: Introducing collaborative story tools! There’s many benefits to working together. It’s a fulfilling experience to work with peers, share ideas, get feedback and new perspectives. It makes problem-solving faster, helps us express our thoughts and broaden horizons so we’re really excited to announce the introduction of collaborative tools to the story...

/ October 23, 2023

Story types: Consistently create quality documentation

If one of your goals is for your educators and centre is to deliver high-quality documentation consistently, then story types are a key tool to support your achieving this. Story types are customisable prompts – or scaffolds – that help guide and inspire educators to create meaningful, quality stories. Story types are especially useful to guide and help educators gain...

/ October 16, 2023

Reflections on the 2023 ECA Conference

Like many others, I am now recovering from this year’s wonderful ECA Conference. As usual, Storypark took a team to the conference and this year I gave my very own presentation–a somewhat scary but exciting experience! From powerful keynote speakers to engaging sessions and meaningful conversations, this conference left a lasting impression. In this blog post, I will document my...

/ October 10, 2023