We are extremely fortunate at Storypark to have the support and guidance of some of the worlds leading experts on child development and early childhood education. One of our advisors is Dr Edward Melhuish. Professor of Human Development at the University of Oxford, Dr Melhuish has been involved in studies that have contributed to the formulation of social policy in the UK. He is a consultant to the Stanford Research Institute, and a scientific advisor to the Nordic Research Council, Academy of Finland, Portuguese Research Council, German Research Council, the Australian Research Council, South Korea, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Chile, as well as the European Commission, OECD and WHO. Dr Melhuish brings an expert lens to discussions around a wide variety of topics impacting on the learning and development of our youngest children. In this series of videos, Dr Melhuish discusses just some of his many areas of expertise, offering insightful points for reflection that both educators and families will find both valuable and interesting.










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