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The role of men in teaching young children

Men in early childhood education are a minority, not just in New Zealand but around the world. We spoke with Dr David Brody a Lecturer, Author, Academic Dean and Head of Early Childhood at Efrata College in Israel about his research and findings on the topic of men who teach young children. Dr Brody provides us with an international perspective...

/ October 4, 2016

Toddlers and the lessons we can learn from them

Toddlers are magical, mysterious, mischievous, and interesting characters. If emotions were seasons, toddlers would certainly live up to the saying “four seasons in one day“, except there would be many, many seasons that unfold in any day. They have mountains of energy, and they are the most determined beings, which all amounts to a lot of laughter, tears, and adventure....

/ September 28, 2016

Nature versus Nurture?

This is an age old question. Every year more and more studies are published to show that childhood development is influenced by a variety of factors.  Whilst parents supply the gene pool for children, everyday activities and environment have a major impact on childhood development. Everyone is born with a complex system of brain circuitry, but how that circuitry is...

/ September 27, 2016

The Damage of Gender Stereotypes At a Young Age

Parents gender stereotype their children before their baby is even born. If it is going to be a boy the room is painted blue and has airplanes, if it is a girl it is pink with princesses. Ironically Gender Spectrum report that at the beginning of the 19th century the opposite was true and blue was considered more feminine while...

/ September 20, 2016

Shyness in early childhood with Dr Robert Coplan

Developmental psychologist Dr Robert Coplan from Carleton University in Ottawa, discusses shyness in early childhood. What is shyness, and what are some strategies for supporting shy children?

/ September 17, 2016

The Power of the Word (Teaching inspiration from the voice of Blinky Bill)

“You can give children a life-sentence that is empowering, or a life-sentence that is disempowering.” For our early learning web series Mat Time we talked to Robyn Moore, who created the voice of the iconic Australian cartoon character, Blinky Bill, about the power of words. Robyn is an educator who is passionate about life long learning and has some truely inspirational stories...

/ September 4, 2016

Yoga and mindfulness for children

Yoga and mindfulness are so valuable for both children and adults alike, especially children who have experienced trauma. For our early learning web series Mat Time we caught up with Nicky, who has taught yoga to refugee children in refugee camps in Greece. She offers some great tips for how to introduce yoga and mindfulness to young children. Subscribe here...

/ August 22, 2016

The Gut-Brain Connection (Nutrition in Early Childhood)

Ask many children today where they think food comes from and their answer will be ‘the supermarket’. Whole food eating for families is one of the best things we can do for children to have a healthy diet. A good place to start is by talking with children about where food comes from! We interviewed Hadley from The Remedy Project:...

/ August 10, 2016

Mat Time chats at the 53rd Annual ECNZ Conference 2016

Did you attend the 2016 Te Rito Maioha conference this year? Missed some talks that you really wanted to see? Well we’ve got that for you! Watch this highlights reel of some of the fabulous speakers who presented. And while you’re there, you really should subscribe to the Storypark YouTube channel for early learning inspiration. We share regular videos to...

/ July 24, 2016

How to support rainbow families at your early learning centre

What does heteronormativity mean? How does it relate to early childhood teachers? In this Mat Time interview, early childhood education lecturer Kath Cooper shares tips on how to include rainbow families in your early learning centre. Some families have two mums, some have two dads. Some children have one parent, and some have four! The important thing is that we accept...

/ July 9, 2016