Men in early childhood education are a minority, not just in New Zealand but around the world.

We spoke with Dr David Brody a Lecturer, Author, Academic Dean and Head of Early Childhood at Efrata College in Israel about his research and findings on the topic of men who teach young children.

Dr Brody provides us with an international perspective and uncovers some astonishing similarities between male teachers across various cultures.

In this female dominated sector “a kindergarten can be a hostile place to work” which makes it incredibly important to support male teachers. Watch the full interview below for Dr Brody’s practical suggestions for supporting male teachers in your centre.

You can purchase Dr Body’s book ‘Men Who Teach Young children – an International Perspective’ here.

Thanks to Child Forum for hosting Dr Brody on his visit to New Zealand and helping us to create this valuable resource!

Here is a link to Dr Brody’s entire seminar talk at an evening for educators hosted by Child Forum:

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  1. Absolutely right. The other thing women can do is embrace the different way that some men teach.

    Sometimes if women are uncomfortable with yhe way a man is teaching she should look at challenging her own beliefs rather than changing the male teacher so that he teaches the way women teach. Yes, it can be overtly hostile, oppressive, and soul destroying. The old gender stereotypes are still there and alive and well in Early Childhood Education.


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