Communication With Families During COVID-19

Communication with families during COVID-19 restrictions is challenging to say the least! Preparing for and teaching through restrictions is something that educators all across the world are experiencing. An essential part of the work that you do is having open and trusting relationships with a child’s parents, but when there are barriers to communication (such as a worldwide pandemic) you want to find simple ways to bridge that gap, that doesn’t add to your already massive workload!

We caught up with Kathy from Andrew Fleck Children’s Services, and Dan from The Learning Enrichment Foundation to discuss the ways that technology has been a lifeline to their organizations during the pandemic.

Some of the benefits they have seen are:

  • families are receiving important messages on time
  • connecting with families in deep and rich ways that would otherwise be almost impossible
  • communicating rapidly changing information from public health units
  • navigating the host of new procedures that early learning services must adhere to

Hear more about the ways that technology has helped their educators navigate the challenges they have experienced during COVID-19

Looking for ways to simplify the processes and procedures in your early learning service?

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