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The power of friendships in early childhood – video

Early childhood educators sometimes overlook the power of friendships. Hear Jane Bertrand from the University of Toronto discuss socio-emotional responsiveness, cognitive responsiveness, and scaffolding.

/ September 14, 2017

No tech in your early learning center? No problem!

There’s a lot of talk about digital tools in early childhood. If you don’t have ipads and other devices at your center, you might feel like you are limited in ability to utilize some of the latest developments. The good...

/ September 12, 2017

The problem with Screen Time

Now, let’s talk about screen time. A contentious issue for many parents and educators, especially with regards to children under 5. In many centres, children ask to see their ‘Storypark’ photos and videos every day and become documenters of their...

/ July 19, 2017

Paper based or digital? Let’s talk about documenting children’s learning

Should we use digital portfolios instead of paper-based options to document children’s learning? If everything is online, how will children engage with their own learning? And what about screen time! These are things early childhood educators around the world are asking...

/ July 12, 2017

The research behind family engagement in children’s learning

The impact parental involvement has on children’s learning is well documented. Researchers have evidence for the positive effects of parent involvement on children, families, and school when schools and parents continuously support and encourage the children’s learning and development. The...

/ July 5, 2017

Why children need stress – video

There are two common games that children love to play, and that teach them absolutely essential life skills. What are they? And why are they important? Kathryn from Engage Training explains why children need stress. Want to hear more from...

/ July 4, 2017

Tips for engaging with children’s learning from Dan Donahoo

Dan Donahoo gave us 5 tips for parents for engaging in children’s learning. Watch them here, and add your thoughts in the comments! Read more from Dan here: “Using the right avenue to engage with vulnerable families”

/ June 17, 2017
A young child leaning against a wooden post

A baby’s first 1000 days of life are the most important – here’s why

Did you know that the eldest child is statistically more likely to be the most ‘successful’? All because of one factor called the dyad relationship. More commonly known as the one on one relationship. Watch this talk from thought leader...

/ May 24, 2017

If I didn’t have Storypark I would walk away from teaching

It’s 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon and I finally sit down. The kindy is all packed up and my day and week are finished. It has been a beautiful week, a very busy week, but a good one. As I...

/ May 17, 2017

Guardian Early learning Group CEO talks about Storypark

“My educators have said that families often struggle, or don’t know how they can contribute to their children’s learning. Storypark has transformed this for them.  It provides a platform for families and educators to engage and contribute different perspectives on...

/ April 11, 2017