Did you know that the eldest child is statistically more likely to be the most ‘successful’? All because of one factor called the dyad relationship. More commonly known as the one on one relationship. Watch this talk from thought leader Nathan Wallis to learn about the crucial brain development that happens in the first 1000 days of a child’s life.

Hear more from Nathan:

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  1. […] biological caregiver. The main requirement is that the relationship is one on one and responsive. Watch this video in which Nathan Wallis, Neuroscientist specializing in child brain development, expands […]


  2. Yes I agree that a one on one relationship is so important to a baby/toddler until at least 3 years old. I also find as a care giver for my great grandaughter that I’m learning from her while she’s learning from me. It’s very rewarding.


  3. […] NATHAN WALLIS While the dyad is viewed as an important factor in an infant’s development and well-being, there are a lot of other factors which contribute to their development. You can view Nathan Wallis talking about the first 1000 days in this video. […]


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