To end this year on a positive note, we have dug deep into our blog, to find the top 5 articles read by educators from all over the world. Due to the pandemic, we made a quick pivot to create content that would help educators to teach children remotely, and to support children’s learning at home. This list is in addition to all of our COVID related articles which have been incredibly popular.

You can find all of our COVID related articles and resources here. But let’s get on with our top 5 of 2020. DRUMROLL PLEASE 🥁

#5 RIE – Respectful Care With Infants 

When working with the youngest of children, the importance of respectful care practices cannot be highlighted enough as an indicator of quality. You may have heard of the RIE approach to early childhood education? What are the guiding principles of this approach, and what might they look like in a practical sense? You can read this article here!

RIE infant

#4 Reggio Emilia Is A Place

Given that the words ‘Reggio Emilia’ often focus our attention on an approach to early childhood education, it is worth remembering that this approach to early learning that has generated so much worldwide attention, is located within a city – and that city can explain if you look for it, the essence of the Reggio Emilia project.  Learn more about how the schools in this Italian city have become world-renowned for their unique educational project here.

reggio emilia

#3 Alternative Job Description For Early Childhood Educators

A lighthearted look at the essential skills and traits educators need to have but are not likely to be included in a job description. Check them out here.  

cheeky toddler


#2 Reflective practice – growing as educators and learners

Reflective practice supports you in making sense of a situation and can enable you to grow and develop your own working theories, philosophy and pedagogy. Your reflections, both individual and team, provide valuable data and evidence of your developing pedagogy and professional growth. This article looks at reflective practice (both as an educator and a learner) and looks at a few reflection models to help you develop your own action plan. Get started here.

#1 End of year tips

How perfect that the most popular article on our blog this year is teaching tips to help you handle all of those end of year admin tasks, so that you can start the new year feeling on top of things. Check them out here.

So there we have it, the most popular articles from our blog in 2020! 2021 will see us creating a whole lot more content, and will keep you in the loop with latest research, industry news, reflections and inspiration. Want to stay up to date with all of our latest articles, news and more? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and don’t miss out.

Posted by Sonya McIntyre

Sonya was born in Lower Hutt and went to Rata Street Kindergarten and Petone Kindergarten. A qualified ECE, she studied at Victoria University in Wellington and has worked with home-based educators, in community-based childcare and in kindergarten. With childhood memories of reading books and writing stories, combined with her passion for all things social media, Sonya segued into her role with us at Storypark as social media manager.

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