So much can happen in a day in an Early Childhood learning environment. That can make it tough to update parents about what has gone on, especially when parents are arriving and leaving at the end of the day. So many services like to provide a Daily Diary, providing a snapshot of the activities, learning and adventures that have taken place on a given day.


IMG_3262As many as half the centres who use Storypark have indicated that they use a Daily Diary as a way of updating parents about their daily goings on. Sharing this through Storypark means you can share it with parents for them to check out at their leisure later on or even refer back to.

There are a couple of ways that centres have fed back that you can do this in Storypark. The first, and most common, is to make use of the Community Space. When you share a Community Post, you can do this either for just a single room or for your whole centre, whichever suits your centre’s environment and activities. Community Posts allow you to share photos, videos and PDFs of the day’s activities. The posts are only shared with the parents and invited Family Admins

For more on creating Community Posts and the Community Space, check out

The other way has been to share them as a Group Story. Again, you can include photos, videos and PDFs to illustrate the learning that has taken place. However, with Group Stories, you can also link it to your Learning Sets and your curriculum, projects or events. Group Stories go out to all of  the Family for the children included in the story, so your entire centre community can share in what is going on at your centre.

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Posted by Sonya McIntyre

Sonya was born in Lower Hutt and went to Rata Street Kindergarten and Petone Kindergarten. A qualified ECE, she studied at Victoria University in Wellington and has worked with home-based educators, in community-based childcare and in kindergarten. With childhood memories of reading books and writing stories, combined with her passion for all things social media, Sonya segued into her role with us at Storypark as social media manager.

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