After searching for two years for an online program that would suit our needs we found STORYPARK!  We immediately loved the simplicity and connectivity Storypark offered our service.

Storypark has already helped us improve our practice:

  • Documentation of children’s learning is simpler and faster.
  • Communication between families and educators is more open and more regular.
  • Families can connect daily with community posts showing what each class group has done that day. This extends to all parents / caregivers, not just those who pick up and drop off each day
  • Connecting with families more directly to share centre newsletters, policy review, class requests and centre happenings.

We have several families with overseas extended family. Storypark has allowed international family members to see grandchildren etc, and their developmental progress from the preschool via stories, photos, video etc.

It has allowed children and families on holidays to communicate and share their news more directly

We love the SIMPLICITY of Storypark for all educators and families, regardless of their technological experience. It is easy to link to EYLF, NQS and we can add our own learning tags, e.g. Theorists, Munch n Move, Centre goals.

Families are now linking with children’s interests / activities within the centre. They are adding their own experiences and sharing their own family activities with us.

We have a better insight into families, their interests, culture and can use this information to further extend the children’s learning of the world around them.

Having direct links to Learning tags, EYLF,NQS, etc has made documentation quicker and being able to upload photos etc and not having to print them or copy them for children’s files.

The reports section allows for quicker audits the progress of developmental records and observations of each individual child. Educators can keep track of developmental links. Our standard of work has always been high, but Storypark has given us a new direction on how to share the work we do with the children to their families more consistently and in a format that is easier for them to access and share with others.


Stephanie and the team at Flutterbys Preschool

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