I’ve just gotten off the phone with Peter from Storypark and promised I’d write down some of the praise I was giving him in person on the phone. Storypark is amazing. It’s changed the way we’re doing things at LittleWonders and is now a key part of our practice.

I thought I’d share some of the key differences Storypark has made so other Teachers can better understand and gain the same benefits as we have!

  • Storypark is a simple, easy to use system for teachers even if they’re not confident in ICT. Our whole team have found it easy to learn and love Storypark!
  • We are receiving more feedback in relation to children’s learning from their parents/whanau. Parents are able to put photos into the comments and show teachers the learning links from home.
  • Parents are contributing their own stories to their child’s learning journey, the instant feedback from them is fantastic and really supports our teaching!
  • Storypark provides great technical support when it’s needed and are quick to respond and fix any issues
  • It’s a great way for management to track teacher’s individual contributions and monitor the use of different aspects of learning.  This helps us to see the trends that are happening across the centre and use this to plan and respond to individual children’s interests
  • Storypark has simple and professional options for layouts of learning stories.  Teachers are finding they have time to write more stories than previously as they are not spending most of their time ‘making it pretty’ and there is more of a focus on the content.  Editing the photos within the story is also a great time effective tool.
  • Children’s learning journeys are now more easily accessible for teachers to view and contribute to from previous rooms.
  • Teachers are able to view each others writing styles for their own professional development.
  • Everything is in one place and all teachers are able to view/access this which mean a greater consistency across the centre.
  • The editing tool is great, and there’s less room for errors.

I thoroughly recommend Storypark!

Sarah Jimmieson
Centre Manager, Little Wonders Childcare @ The Park



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