Today we’ve released an exciting new feature that will give teachers a whole new insight into what’s happening at their early learning services.

  • Would you like to know if parent engagement in their child’s learning has been increasing at your service recently?
  • Want to know which children are getting the most stories and which children are missing out?
  • Ever wonder which children have the most family members and which families leave the most comments?

Now teachers can compare at a glance the activity and trends happening at their early learning service, including:

  • Individual stories
  • Family stories
  • Group stories (stories with multiple children)
  • Family comments
  • Teacher comments
  • Child notes
  • Story views
  • Community posts
  • Last story dates
  • And more.

To access your early learning service’s reports page, click the ‘reports’ tab.


From there you can choose to view child or teacher data and then select the time period you want to compare data for.


Next, choose the specific data you want to compare.image

The graph will now include the data you have selected. Hover over each day to see your daily report.


Beneath the graph is a table that lets you compare data side-by-side. Click a column’s title to sort the table by that category.


We hope you benefit from this feature and we’d love to hear from you if you’re finding ways to use the data to improve your work.

This is just the beginning. We’ll continue to build on these reports, exploring new ways to present you with insights. We are building Storypark in direct response to the feedback we are hear from teachers, and the problems we see teachers face.

One of the next things on our list is looking at ways to measure impact and learning outcomes that are taking place via Storypark, so stay tuned.

Please email us any suggestions or feedback you have about how we can continue to improve Storypark.

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