The results from the Storypark Parent Survey are out now!

In December last year we conducted our first Storypark member survey. A big thank you to the many Storypark members who participated. I’m sure you will all be interested in the results!

We knew from international research that outcomes for a child improve dramatically when their family is engaged in their learning. We knew that to enable this to happen information needed to be shared between family and school.

We also knew that we needed a great product that was simple and easy to use.

So how are we doing?


97% parents felt that Storypark has enabled them to be more involved in their child’s learning. 

(Those that didn’t either had a very close relationship with there child’s teachers, or their Centre had not posted many stories about their child)

We get information and photos sharing our child’s day and how she is learning and developing through play.  It is also interactive – so we can respond to the posts and advise the teachers whether their observations are consistent with what we see at home.

I know what my son is doing while at kindy. As a single mother and being his first time at kindy I felt Storypark captured first moments in mine and my sons life.


94% of parents felt that Storypark has enabled their wider family to be more involved in their child’s learning

(Those that didn’t either hadn’t invited other family members or family members were resistant to technology.)

My Dad, who is a quadriplegic and finds it difficult to visit the children – has access to the stories and just loves it.  He feels as though he is more connected with the children, and loves that he can start a conversation with our 4 year old about things he has seen.

I used to post photo’s on Facebook for family but this is a much better way to record her experiences and you don’t have to share it with everybody. It also gives the family more confidence in writing their own stories or commenting on what they are sharing and seeing. They can make connections with her learning and provide follow on experiences in their home/environment.


96% of parents felt that Storypark has enabled them to gain a greater understanding of their child’s interests and strengths 

(Those that didn’t felt they knew their children’s interests well anyway, but Storypark was still useful for them to see these interests in a Centre context, and to have a central online space to contain their child’s learning records and share with relatives.)

It gives our family an insight into what she is learning, we can then have family discussions with her and have activities to extend around what she has been doing at kindergarten –   it gets the whole family more involved which is great!

It gives me more knowledge and insight about the kinds of learning activities that my child participates in and how he responds to them.


92% of parents rated Storypark as easy to use

Members gave very useful suggestions on how to make our product more easy to use.  We will be using this information to inform future product releases.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Storypark. Your feedback is the key to ensuring our product meets your needs in the best way possible.

If you have any other comments or feedback please email us

Kathleen and the Storypark team

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