Storypark has been a wonderful addition to our childcare programs at the Alexandra Neighbourhood House Children’s Centre. During the global pandemic, our families had limited access to our programs, and couldn’t fully experience the classroom documentation in our spaces. It was the best thing we could have done for our families as it was a way to reconnect our families with their children’s day to day learnings within our program.

Our educators love that it is so user friendly, and we can create such a beautiful piece of documentation while linking to the BC Early Learning Framework. We love that we can share documentation with the children in Storypark’s ‘Child Mode’, so they have the ability to look back and ask further questions, aligning well with our Reggio inspired approach.

Our families have said they really enjoy being able to see a snapshot of their child’s day, and then discuss their adventures when they are home together for the evening.

It has brought our families and educators closer together through the community page by sharing events we are having within their child’s program. We request things we would like parents to bring in and we can even update the parents about a change in our program routine.

Overall, Storypark has been a fantastic experience for our educators and families here at the Alexandra Neighbourhood House Children’s Centre.

Amanda Patterson
Early Childhood Educator & Site Supervisor

Alexandra Neighbourhood House is a member agency of the Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC. “We are diverse individuals of all ages, colours, ethnicities, nationalities, faiths, beliefs, cultures, abilities, socio-economic and education levels, sexual orientations and gender identities. We communicate in many languages. We value and celebrate diversity and inclusion. We define diversity broadly and encompass many individual attributes. We create an environment that actively embraces diversity and inclusion by recognizing the value in the uniqueness of all individuals. We strive to reflect the diversity of our neighbourhoodsin our membership, our Community Boards, our volunteers and our staff. We respect all neighbours. We expect that all who come to our neighbourhood houses and camps, all those who provide or receive services, will extend the same respect to all.”

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