It’s that time of year here for transitions, changes and wrapping things up! Lots of parents ask our support team what happens to their child’s Storypark profile when they leave. Whether your child is going to school or simply moving to another service, we’ve got you covered.

Storypark doesn’t own your child’s stories and information, we simply store it for you. This means you can continue to celebrate and document your child’s learning journey even after they leave an early childhood service.

Continuing Storypark for family use

If your child leaves an early learning service, you will continue to have free access and can manage your children’s Storypark accounts and stories for as long as you wish. Any family members you’ve invited will also have continued access.

On Storypark, your child’s educators will likely remove their profile, so that you cannot access the service going forward. Once they’ve done this you will retain access to your child’s stories, notes and moments. You won’t see any community posts, plans or routines though.

If the service hasn’t been able to remove your child just yet (it’s a busy time of year), you can always remove a service from your child’s profile as well.


Supporting transition between early learning services or into school

If your child is heading off to another early learning service or school, you (or your child’s current early learning service with your permission) can invite your child’s future teachers to share their learning journey and continue the learning within Storypark.

Closing your account, exporting stories, and viewing offline

If you choose to close your account, Storypark will not retain any of your personal information or stories.  If you are the only Admin family member connected to a child’s profile, this will also remove your child’s profile from Storypark permanently

Make sure you export a copy of all your child’s stories first, so you can view them offline and have a permanent record for the future. The export is a digital file that you can save outside of Storypark to a computer or external hard drive which you can also print from there if you’d like to. 

Teachers… here is a list of end of year tips to help you with your admin related tasks here.

Posted by Bernadette

Bernadette is part of the Storypark team. One of her earliest memories at kindergarten is declaring to the class that reading was too hard so she wasn't going to learn - whoops! She really enjoys helping educators and families get the most out of Storypark.

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