In 2021 we’ve welcomed the largest volume of new customers we’ve ever seen who are already using an alternative family engagement platform and want to shift to Storypark.

We work to make every customers’ set-up and ongoing Storypark journey exceptional, so ask why they’re shifting.

Here’s why people have shifted to Storypark:

  • Superior family and educator experience – beautifully designed and easy to use for the diverse levels of experience in their team and community
  • Highly customisable – works the way you do
  • Can communicate, engage and collaborate with families using the right tools for the job (vs limited options in alternative platforms)
  • Rapid, ongoing innovation in ways the align with and strengthen NQS areas and A&R processes
  • Advanced planning tools enhance planning processes for children, groups and your team
  • ‘Child mode’ enables children’s voices and reflections to be ingrained within documentation – enriching documentation and family engagement 
  • New capability tools support appraisal, induction, leadership development and other key professional learning processes
  • Exclusive partnership with the Raising Children’s Network to provide families with resources to support their child, and enrich conversations between families and educators at pick up and drop off
  • Guided by Australian and international ECE experts to ensure the best outcomes for children, families and educators
  • Free training and an easy transition from your current platform with support from experienced ECE’s
  • Travels with each child and trusted by Australia’s leading providers – providing greater continuity for families changing between centres (and opportunities to attract families with existing Storypark profiles)
  • A purpose-led, values-based organisation that aligns with the aspirations of ECE services and families

Here’s a blog post from Lauren at Childspace – a leading provider of ECE services in New Zealand about their recent decision to transition from their old platform to Storypark.

If you’re thinking of shifting, please contact for more information to support your journey. It’s surprisingly easier than you’d think!

Posted by Peter Dixon

Peter was born in Auckland and went to Brooklyn Kindergarten. Since then he has helped develop a number of ventures in both New Zealand and North America, and worked to support other organisations who believe in making a difference in the world.

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