When nature meets technology

When nature meets technology, wonderful things can happen for your learning community. The New Canaan Nature Center Preschool is the oldest nature-based preschool in the United States. The children who attend the preschool are lucky to have access to 40 acres of gardens, forests, fields, ponds and streams. “Every day we see children grow their confidence, resilience, empathy, conflict resolution skills and so much more” shares Anna Zielinski, Preschool Director at the nature center. “It’s truly amazing how children develop their independence through unstructured play in nature. As a play and nature-based program, it can be difficult to show families what their children are doing at school!”

The teaching team finds that Storypark has given them the ability to share so much more with their families. Anna Zielinski shares “we are also able to connect with working parents who are not there at pick up and drop off times. Teachers and families both find it incredibly easy to use. Because we can incorporate so many more pictures and videos, the families feel like they understand the experiences their children have at school. By linking the learning standards to each story, the teachers can share with the families which developmental areas they are focusing on, and it provides further evidence of the value of play. At a time in our country when academic success is so highly valued, it is meaningful to show how extremely important social and emotional development is in the early years of childhood and education.” 

New Canaan Nature Center Preschool

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