Daily Routines Updates

The daily routines feature on Storypark has been an invaluable tool to educators in all corners of the world. We have been overwhelmed by the love and positive feedback you’ve shown for it. It not only makes sharing important information with parents easier, but it also saves you paper, and most importantly, TIME!

To highlight how popular it has been, let’s crunch some numbers. Since the start of 2021, there have been 11 MILLION routines recorded!!

We regularly monitor usage and collect lots of insight and feedback from educators. From this information, we have been working on some updates to make the daily routines feature even better. Let’s take a quick look at the updates:

You can now set regular days for daily routines

Storypark daily routines regular days

Yes, this one has been a biggie and is an update we know is going to save you a whole lot of time each day. You now have the ability to organise and view children by their regular days of attendance. All you need to do is set which days each child usually attends your service. Once you have set this up for all children, the routines tab will then filter to show only the children attending each day. So no more worrying that you have missed any toileting trips, or trying to recall who is attending each day. One less admin task for educators on the early morning shift, or remembering to do this the previous night before leaving for the day.

A new, and customisable routine type

storypark new daily routines type

The daily routines feature already had the ability for you to record food, toileting, sleep and sunscreen routines. But as you well know, educators have an increasing number of actions that they need to document and keep records of for compliance purposes. So now, we have added a lovely, blank “other” routine for you to use for whatever purpose you need. Each time you record this routine, you can set the title, and jot down any details you need to record. Whether it is for recording the administering of medication, for temperature checks, or for first aid, it is up to you how you choose to use this additional “routine.” We highly recommend having a team discussion around how you might use this extra routine. Having an agreed-upon use for this routine will prevent any confusion or crossed wires.

Filter and show all daily routines

screenshot of storypark daily routines feature

Need to ensure all children have had sunscreen applied? That everyone has eaten morning tea? Now, you can filter recorded routines by type. If you have recorded multiple routines for each child, you can also expand to show all recorded routines in one go! Another small, but clever update to help you spend less time on all of those little things that take up a big part of your day!

So, how do you get access to these new updates? If you already use daily routines, you need to do nothing at all as they will be available/switched on, in a couple of days. Want to learn more about this amazing timesaving, tree saving, routine communication tool? Check out our helpcentre article and if you have any further questions, get in touch with our support team at hello@storypark.com.

Posted by Sonya McIntyre

Sonya was born in Lower Hutt and went to Rata Street Kindergarten and Petone Kindergarten. A qualified ECE, she studied at Victoria University in Wellington and has worked with home-based educators, in community-based childcare and in kindergarten. With childhood memories of reading books and writing stories, combined with her passion for all things social media, Sonya segued into her role with us at Storypark as social media manager.

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