For many years, the management and educators at Junior Campus have trusted and used Storypark to document and share children’s learning, communicate with families, plan their learning program, make links to the curriculum and much more. Michellena Shelton, Company Director at Junior Campus, and Principal Consultant for Harmonise Solutions shares, “Storypark’s informed thinking and depth of understanding of what educators, managers and leaders in the early childhood sector need and want, is unparalleled. They do exactly what they say they will do, with purpose and values that underpin every early childhood service.”

When Storypark announced the launch of a CCMS solution, Michellena said there was no hesitation in adopting the platform for their use at Junior Campus. “To already have a platform that maintains the integrity and value of educators documentation, providing efficiencies and supporting the effective collaboration with families…” it made perfect sense to adopt Storypark Manage.

Michellena and her team were quick to discover that much like Storypark Core, Storypark Manage “delivered” what it promised by supporting both families AND their learning service. Making their administrative processes simple and effective, Storypark Manage enabled the team to spend more time on what matters most. Working with children and their families.

Want to find out how Storypark Manage uses smart automation to take care of manual tasks, saving you time and maximising your occupancy?

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Southport Junior Campus is situated on the outskirts of the CBD in Gold Coast, Australia. “We believe the way a child experiences the world in their early years, influences the way they see and treat it in later life. It’s these insights which guide our educators and informs the learning opportunities we give every child enrolled in our campus.”
We believe that today’s children will shape tomorrows world. That the best experiences are the greatest lessons. Children have the world at their feet and the future in their hands, and that every experience makes a world of difference. 
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 Michellena is an Early Childhood expert, spending significant time in senior operations and academic teams for two of Australias largest childcare providers.

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