When educators leave

When educators leave your service permanently (or are on extended leave), how do you make sure it’s a smooth exit for everyone? Here are some recommendations of things to think about when farewelling them. Do these things before you remove them from your centre’s Storypark account. Trust us, they’ll make your work easier!

Sharing work

Plans and drafts are private until you choose to share or publish them. Check whether the educator who is leaving has shared any key plans and published any draft stories before leaving your service. Once they’ve been removed, they won’t be able to see the plans and draft stories. Neither will educators at your centre if they haven’t been shared or published.
If they share the plan with an admin at your centre, that admin can then share the plan with everyone else.
Also, if they were an admin on Storypark, make sure you still have other admin educators on your account. We recommend a minimum of two. You can always check who is an admin from your teacher’s page. Any admin will have it written on their tile.

offboarding educators who are admins

Accounts and passwords

If the educator has been using an email address associated with your centre or company, get them to update the email address in their profile settings before removal. This frees up the email address for you in the future and allows the educator to continue accessing their personal profile using their own email address.

If you have multiple educators using the same login details, make sure you change the password each time an educator leaves. (We don’t recommend group educator accounts but understand in some circumstances you may prefer this).

Teacher Portfolio

Portfolios allow teachers to document evidence of their work over a period of time so that they can have access to it after leaving your service. Their portfolio will remain accessible, and free, to them even after they’ve been removed from your centre’s Storypark account. Stories they’ve authored can be duplicated and added to their teacher portfolio before leaving your service. Just remind them to remove any child names or child photos after publishing it to their portfolio.

offboarding educators portfolio stories
Just gone for a while?

If an educator is going on maternity or extended leave, you can also remove them from your centre’s Storypark account. When they come back, re-inviting them to your service with the same email address will give them access again, including to their drafts and plans.

If you are on the other side of the fence and are currently ONboarding new educators, check out our top tips for onboarding here.

You can also let any offboarding educators know that they can still contact our team for support if needed 🙂


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