Storypark for Families app learned its first words in te reo Māori

Storypark has taken further steps towards providing more support for te reo Māori. 

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week) is 9–15 September this year, and as a New Zealand company, we wanted to show our support for te reo in Storypark. Educators have been able to write learning stories and community posts in te reo Māori for many years, with Storypark providing support for macrons. Find out how to set up your computer to type macrons here

For this next step, we’ve translated most of the Storypark for Families iOS app.

We’ve partnered with Māori translators to ensure the language was integrated into the app as naturally as possible. Our aim was quality rather than speed via machine translation as that resonates better with our company ethos. We’ve translated the headings and labels, any content you create will remain in the language in which it was written.

Te reo Māori phrases include ‘Ngā Kōrero’ (‘Stories’); ‘Hapori’ (‘Community’); ‘Ngohe (‘Activities’); and ‘Tipako wā pū’ (’Select moment’).

Creating the change

This change was led by a couple of our developers, Ellery and Esmé.  Both have a passion for te reo Māori and wanted to make a difference. Storypark provides our team with 10% time to work on personal development or areas of personal interest that can mutually grow Storypark and themselves. Storypark was very proud to support them with this work and helped them bring it to life by connecting them with Māori translators and ensuring it was prioritised to launch this week.

Make the change

We’d love you to consider setting the preferred language on your iPhone or iPad to te reo Māori to incorporate more of the language into your daily life. Who knows, you may even learn a few new words!

Making the change is easy. First, make sure you’ve got the latest version of the Storypark for Families app. Then follow these steps:

In the Settings on your device, go to General > Language & Region > Other Languages. Search for Māori and then select ‘Prefer Māori’.

This selection will cause any app on your device that supports te reo Māori to display in Māori, including Storypark for Families. Your phone will remain in English and can easily be rolled back if you decide it’s not for you.

We would love to support te reo Māori in our Android app as well, but can’t at the moment due to most Android phones not supporting Māori. We are monitoring this and would love to release a translation as soon as this is supported.



Posted by Sonya McIntyre

Sonya was born in Lower Hutt and went to Rata Street Kindergarten and Petone Kindergarten. A qualified ECE, she studied at Victoria University in Wellington and has worked with home-based educators, in community-based childcare and in kindergarten. With childhood memories of reading books and writing stories, combined with her passion for all things social media, Sonya segued into her role with us at Storypark as social media manager.

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  1. Elizabeth Stewart September 11, 2019 at 12:32 am

    What a great initiative. Love it 👍🏼 Have changed in my phone settings. Ka rawe!


  2. Kia ora, firstly, thank you for making this option available. It is great to see Storypark embracing te reo Māori. Just wondering how do I add macrons when using the English version, as it changes font when I use the te reo keyboard option. Mauri ora 🙂


    1. Yay this is what I have been asking to I have just doubled the letters but looks horrid


  3. I would love to see a menu for symbols so that macarons over letters can be added in the storypark app for teachers when they write, at present I havent been able to work it out


  4. Awesome to see! Be great if this could be done for New Zealand sign language (NZSL) as well.


  5. Ka rawe Storypark! 💚👏🏽


  6. Ka Pai storypark! Great initiative!
    I’ll be changing my settings!


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