Findings from a 2019 research study on the use of a digital documentation technology (called Storypark) in full-day kindergarten showed that, overall, workload did not increase for the educators who participated in the study.

The research, which was done by M.E. Picher for her PhD dissertation at the University of Toronto, took place in 11 kindergarten classrooms at four schools in a large, urban school district in Ontario. 

Picher said that when she initially introduced Storypark into the classrooms it was more work for educators because they had to learn how to use the technology.

However, at the conclusion of the study, when Picher asked participants how Storypark impacted their workload,13 out of 19 educators or approximately 70% said Storypark eventually decreased their workload because it organized their documentation and saved them time when writing report cards.

Four out of 19 educators said Storypark had “no impact” on their workload, while only two educators said Storypark increased their workload overall.

Other leading early learning providers in Canada have also found that adopting a platform like Storypark has saved them time, and given them more time to spend with children. Hear from them below:

You can learn more about the findings in more detail here in a webinar where M.E. Picher presented her research and answers some of the biggest questions administrators have about digital documentation technology.

Want to find out why 70% of educators said Storypark decreased their workload?

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