With so many administrative tasks to do, you find that working on your professional growth, development, and appraisal sometimes has to wait. Good things take time. It is challenging to find an effective system of gathering evidence of your progress, linking it to professional requirements, connecting it to your practice, and reflecting on it as well.  

If only there was a simple way to tackle and reach your goals, and make them a meaningful part of the work you are already doing with young children and their families…

DRUMROLL PLEASE! Introducing Storypark Educator Portfolios!

Behind the scenes, we have been working on developing a way for educators to better integrate their professional growth and development into their practice. 

Educator Portfolios have been designed as a simple and intuitive NQS aligned appraisal and professional growth solution for your learning service. They give your teaching team an easy way to integrate their professional growth and development into their daily work with children and families. 

Streamlining your educators’ professional learning, development and appraisal into Storypark saves time, effort and stress, leading to more effective staff development and growth. 

storypark educator portfolio

Educators can engage easily with centre and individual enquiry or goals and effortlessly link evidence to their portfolio for reflection on professional growth. Streamlining the professional development and appraisal process in your learning service will reduce complexity, duplication and stress while also improving collaboration! 

Educators will be encouraged, inspired and coached towards their professional aspirations through continuous capability development. 

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  3. Louise Fitzpatrick Leach July 7, 2021 at 2:34 am

    Is the Educator Portfolio part available to Storypark users now or is it an extra that has to be purchased?


    1. Sonya McIntyre July 7, 2021 at 3:31 am

      Hi Louise, the standard educator portfolios are available to everyone still. If you would like to trial the new portfolios, here is a link to learn more and request a trial https://au.storypark.com/feature/educator-portfolios


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