Improvements to the Storypark planning feature

The Storypark planning feature is one of the most used tools available on Storypark. With that comes a whole lot of feedback from you, our educators, on ways we can tweak the functionality, even more, to meet your needs and make your job easier. Well, sit down because you are in for a treat. 

So what can I expect to see?

There will be small improvements you will notice, both visually and functionally, mostly around cells, and privacy/share settings. 

You will still be able to keep plans private and share them with individual educators or with your wider teaching team. We like to keep things simple so you will find this process to be a lot easier, with less confusion YAY!

Each plan will now have a ‘Plan Owner’. This small but valuable feature will enable you to easily transfer ownership of a plan to another educator. 

You know how sometimes you need your columns to be just a tad wider? We’ve fixed that so now you can have more space to record all of the wonderful things you document.

You can now see the comments attached to an individual cell when you edit a cell. This makes it super easy to incorporate other people’s input or feedback into your work. 

Here’s a very handy change that we know you are going to love… you can now add videos to comments! This is an incredible way to show a progression of learning, and also make links to other learning. Having all reflections and “snippets of learning” in one place is going to be a game-changer.

Have you ever made a tiny error, gone back to edit it and lost your whole train of thought? Now when this happens, you can simply tap on the undo/redo button within a content cell. Brilliant!

You will now have more control over the colours of individual cells, with the ability to now colourise header cells and child cells. A little tweak that will make your workflow easier.

And for network customers…

Network customers, we haven’t forgotten about you! You will now find, that individual cells in your network planning templates now have a ‘locked’ option! This means there will be less chance of someone accidentally deleting a plan column, or row heading.

So there you have it, some small but mighty changes that will help you to plan with ease. 

As always, if you wish to find out more about how best to make the most of the planning feature, take a look at our help centre. If you can’t find the answer to your question there, we encourage you to reach out to our customer success team at if you have any questions or need a little support with using the planning feature.



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