It seems to be one of the most common features of modern life: getting absolutely bombarded by emails. Often to the point where you have no idea which emails need your attention and which you can just leave until you finally get that “free” five minutes. With Storypark, we are wanting you to be able to keep up on your child’s learning journey without burying you with emails.


To ensure you are only getting the email updates you really want to see, you should check your Notification settings. When you click on the gear symbol up in the top right hand corner, you can select Settings. From there, you can ensure that you select which email notifications you want to receive and which you would rather just get the notifications in Storypark for.

If you are using the Storypark app, make sure that you enable the Push Notifications on your device. That way, you will get a notification when there is a new story or community post that relates to your child.

For more on how you can change your notification settings, you can check out:

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