Our Values

Stronger together, powered by community

We believe it takes a village to raise a child. Diversity means that we all approach the same problem slightly differently. We’re stronger together, nourished through sharing our different perspectives, expertise and ideas.

Collectively we can offer safety, leadership, inspiration and give support when things are most challenging for each other.

Discovering and nurturing potential

We believe everyone has something to contribute to the world.

We’re all responsible for supporting the unique potential in others, so we focus on understanding and encouraging everyone’s innate interests, nature, and strengths.

In service to our craft, our people and our society

We believe in working to make a difference – not just a dollar. We pursue evidence-based, earnest discoveries, growing in partnership to solve the root of important problems.

We thoughtfully craft experiences and operate as role models – practising the behaviours we’d want to encourage in our children.

We walk the talk

Storypark is a values-based social enterprise – a business that balances social outcomes with financial sustainability.

This defines the way we work:

  1. Our pricing is designed to be affordable and fair. Parents can access Storypark for free, and early learning services pay only for the value they receive, per child, each month. This ensures Storypark honours its intention to be accessible for all children and is financially sustainable in the long term.
  2. We provide free or discounted access for those who can’t afford Storypark and support research and pilot projects that make a difference to families, teachers and children.
  3. Our features are designed with and for teachers and parents to ensure Storypark is the most useful, intuitive and valuable tool possible.
  4. We reinvest in our community to support positive educational outcomes for children – this is even written into our shareholders’ agreement.
  5. We’re focused on making a difference for children, teachers and parents.

Posted by Hilary Cook

Hilary is passionate about not-for-profit organisations and has worked as a volunteer early childhood teacher in Latin America.

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