Our Values

Stronger together

We include, respect and generously support each other through the good and the bad. It takes a village.

  • We believe it takes a village to raise a child and support stronger, engaged families through our work
  • We have a shared sense of responsibility – to ourselves, to each other and to our customers
  • Collectively we offer safety, leadership, inspiration and give support when things are most challenging for each other
  • We always encourage different perspectives on an issue
  • We work closely with our partners and leading experts from all over the world
  • We honour the needs of children, families and those who need it most before ourselves

Children at heart

We are a playful bunch and consider the impact we create for children in everything we do.

  • We employ people who share our values and passion for creating outcomes for children
  • Children are at the forefront of everything we design
  • We advocate for the best possible outcomes for children and design our software accordingly
  • We are playful, cheeky and fun
  • We behave in ways we’d be proud to encourage in children
  • We honour children’s information with best practice security, privacy and design practices
  • We provide discounted or free access to Storypark for centres in vulnerable communities to ensure accessibility for all children
  • We provide access for parents even after they leave a service to ensure we do not create social inequality

Nurturing growth

We nurture the potential in others and strive to be better today than we were yesterday.

  • We believe everyone has something unique to contribute to the world
  • We help communities understand and encourage the innate interests, nature and strengths of children
  • We find the best way to thoughtfully grow ourselves individually and as a team
  • We actively encourage feedback
  • We see failure as a learning opportunity
  • We support and acknowledge each other’s successes and challenges

Relentless curiosity

We seek to understand and solve important problems with humility and empathy. We know we don’t know.

  • We know we don’t know, so we listen to our customers, advisors, community and data to drive our innovation
  • We experiment, measure and refine to drive impact
  • We are willing and ready to answer questions and are not afraid to ask
  • We always ask ‘why?’ to get to the root of the matter. We are reflective practitioners

We walk the talk

Storypark is a values-based social enterprise – a business that balances social outcomes with financial sustainability.

This defines the way we work:

  1. Our pricing is designed to be affordable and fair. Parents can access Storypark for free, and early learning services pay only for the value they receive, per child, each month. This ensures Storypark honours its intention to be accessible for all children and is financially sustainable in the long term.
  2. We provide free or discounted access for those who can’t afford Storypark and support research and pilot projects that make a difference to families, teachers and children.
  3. Our features are designed with and for teachers and parents to ensure Storypark is the most useful, intuitive and valuable tool possible.
  4. We reinvest in our community to support positive educational outcomes for children – this is even written into our shareholders’ agreement.
  5. We’re focused on making a difference for children, teachers and parents.

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