Recently on our new early learning web series “Mat Time” we interviewed Janet Dixon, who is an early learning educator and mentor, as well as a researcher, author and advocate for including all children.

We talked to Janet about the skills early childhood teachers already have to be inclusive of all children and to be supportive of the families of these children. She also gave us some tips for resources as well as sharing a touching story about how one person can make a huge difference in the life of someone who has been deemed to be ‘different’.

Watch the interview here, and make sure you subscribe to the Storypark YouTube channel for more interviews like these, as well as teaching inspiration and tips for using Storypark.


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  1. Hilary that was a really touching story. It touched my heart. I have worked in the care industry in a nursing home with clients who are challenged in different ways and so it resonated deeply .I have a brother who has recently become a paraplegic from the thoracic down because of a medical blunder. He is so brave. often people tend to treat people differently. We need more people like this gym teacher. Bless her.


    1. Thank you for your comment Gloria, so much. It means a lot to myself and the guest that this story was able to touch you. There are good people in the world, helping to ensure everyone is included in whatever it is they want to do. Thank you for being one of these people! All of our love to you and your brother 🙂


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