Holidays can be a wonderful time spent together with family, sharing stories and making new memories.

When relatives are visiting it’s a great time to record and share family stories to keep memories alive. It’s important that someone in the family record these stories and memories so they can be shared again and again. Storypark is a wonderful way to privately share your family’s holiday highlights and family stories with your children. While you are enjoying holiday time with family, you can easily add photos, stories and videos to your child’s Storypark page which can be shared with family and teachers.


If you are traveling to see family, your child’s Storypark page comes with you and you can log in and show relatives what your child has been up to all year. Family members can even share some of their own stories or comments to the pages.


imageHoliday time is also a great time to record the little projects you do with the kids over the break. When you return to school, your Storypark page will be filled with warm family memories captured for your child to enjoy again and again.

What are your own tips for sharing family memories during the holidays?

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