Continuing our commitment to ECE software that supports quality: Introducing collaborative story tools!

There’s many benefits to working together. It’s a fulfilling experience to work with peers, share ideas, get feedback and new perspectives. It makes problem-solving faster, helps us express our thoughts and broaden horizons so we’re really excited to announce the introduction of collaborative tools to the story creation process. Storypark has always been dedicated to empowering educators and connecting the community around the child, and we’re taking it up a notch. We’ve heard from many educators that collaborating and evolving stories together as a teaching team is important in a variety of situations and settings. And the best part? There’s lots to come. Read on for more about how collaboration is coming to stories over the next six months.

What’s coming first for story collaboration?

Firstly, educators will be able to share drafts with any educator at their service (in a view-only mode). 

Secondly, educators will be able to transfer editorship of their draft stories with any educator at their service.


What’s planned next?

Once you start using these tools, we really welcome your thoughts and feedback! In the meantime, we also want to let you know what is planned ahead –  a story activity feed, for improved visibility, with your team seeing all contributions to a story being published. To provide credit where it’s due, educators will also be able to show families when multiple educators were involved in a story’s creation. Story viewers will be able to proactively request edit access to speed up collaboration.

When might you use story collaboration tools?

These are just some examples of when sharing view access and transferring of editorship will come in handy:

  • Enriched family understanding: Share multiple perspectives in a story to deepen understanding of the learning taking place. Transferring editorship of a story between educators in a room will make this easy within a single story.
  • Everyone can take part: Part-time staff can make valuable contributions to draft stories without needing to publish a complete observation to a child’s profile.
  • Collaboration across rooms: When children transition between rooms at a service, past and new educators can contribute to a more complete picture of their learning and development.
  • Stress-free handovers: Before educators leave a service, whether temporarily or for good, they can easily pass on incomplete stories as part of their off boarding process.
  • Make mentoring easy: Educators being mentored or working in peer groups to develop their skills together can easily and regularly see draft stories.

We’ll be sharing more updates here on the future of story collaboration over the next six months. We hope you’re as excited as we are about the introduction of collaboration tools to further empower educators. Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments.

Keen to get a head start? Visit the help centre to learn how to use these tools in advance.

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Bernadette is part of the Storypark team. One of her earliest memories at kindergarten is declaring to the class that reading was too hard so she wasn't going to learn - whoops! She really enjoys helping educators and families get the most out of Storypark.

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