L’Association francophone à l’éducation des services à l’enfance de l’Ontario (AFESEO) supports over 300 Francophone ECE services across Ontario, Canada. Since the emergence of Covid-19, the ability to communicate and collaborate online in support of children’s learning has become more important than ever.

“We are constantly listening to our members and a recent needs analysis showed the huge demand for a digital platform for educators to connect with and support families” said Martine St-Onge, Executive Director of AFESEO. “Our members pride themselves on their quality practice and the outcomes they create for children and families. We conducted a thorough market analysis and evaluated multiple platforms before choosing Storypark.”

Storypark is Canada’s leading platform for family engagement, pedagogical documentation, and professional development. “We work with ECE centres across Canada and have a number of amazing partnerships including with the Canadian Child Care Federation, Encyclopedia of ECE, Early Childhood Educators of BC and the Child and Nature Alliance. Our partnership with AFESEO is an exciting next step in our commitment to supporting children across Canada.” said Peter Dixon, Co-Founder of Storypark.

AFESEO and Storypark share similar values and aspirations, and will work together to provide a French-language customer support experience, integrated Francophone resources, curriculum, and professional development.

“We are excited to enrich the day to day practice of our members through the use of Storypark, which is proven to strengthen partnerships with families, extend quality practice and save educators valuable time. We’ve worked with Storypark to create some unique Francophone resources to support both families and educators in their work with children,” said Martine.

“French-Canadian pedagogy, practice and language is an essential part of helping children and families to deepen their identity.” 

Francophone services interested in accessing this customized French experience within Storypark can register their interest here. 

AFÉSEO is the provincial Francophone organization that speaks and acts for early childhood education in Ontario. Through their network and leadership centers, they support, develop and collaborate with individuals, organizations and institutions in the early childhood education sector.

Posted by Peter Dixon

Peter was born in Auckland and went to Brooklyn Kindergarten. Since then he has helped develop a number of ventures in both New Zealand and North America, and worked to support other organisations who believe in making a difference in the world.

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