What is Storypark Child Mode?

If you are an iOS Educator App user, you now have the ability to safely record children’s reactions, voices, views and thoughts about their learning via audio or video using the new Storypark Child Mode feature!

This exciting new feature enables you to capture not only children’s voices but their language, expression, intonation, emotions and thinking. This provides a real picture of what they truly feel and want to express.

WHY Child mode?

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child refers in articles 12 & 13 to the right, freedom and opportunity for children to impart information, ideas and views freely especially in matters affecting them.

If we want to recognise and respond to the learning taking place we should seek multiple perspectives from all stakeholders and one of the most insightful perspectives is that of the child. 

For many years educators have known the importance of including the ‘child’s voice’ in their documentation and stories. They have been adding the transcript of the child’s language and conversation, providing some insight into the child’s involvement, interactions, interest and understanding. 

Child Mode provides and affords the child the opportunity to have a more significant role in their documented stories. This feature empowers them to share their thoughts, feelings and reflections by revisiting photos and their own personal narratives (learning stories) and sharing their insights via recorded voice and video.

5 reasons to use Child mode:

  1. Educators who value and seek children’s voices gain windows into their world views, assumptions and theories.
  2. Photos are a great catalyst for children’s discussion of not only what happened but other possibilities and directions to their interests and learning
  3. Seeking children’s perspectives is about viewing children as having a place in our society to voice their own opinions and views, their learning and engagement, their world view. 
  4. Seeking responses from a child gives the child a sense of agency and develops their sense of self, and identity as a learner.
  5. Families are 3 times more likely to engage with and respond to a story when it has multimedia added, fostering a greater connection with home.

HOW do we use Child Mode?

Once you have installed the latest update to the app, the process to record is very simple. Our help centre guides you through the steps. You now have the ability to be alongside a child to revisit and re-engage with their learning and capture their perspectives. Child Mode provides a catalyst for meaningful discussions and a window into a child’s mind.

5 important things to know about Child Mode

  1. Once you are in Child Mode a child can’t leave Child Mode by themselves and can’t edit or delete anything. You can be confident everything is safe.
  2. Recordings are saved as drafts first and can be deleted or published once you have reviewed the content. Families can then view the recording as part of the responses in the story.
  3. Recording is best done in a quiet area, lots of background noise can affect the quality and clarity of the recording.
  4. Educators are advised to support the child and use open-ended questions and prompt to encourage the child’s reflection and thoughts. A two-way conversation is more natural and powerful rather than a questioning exercise.
  5. Asking too many questions often shifts the focus away from recollection, musing and wondering and minimises their imagination.

BUT most importantly PLAY, experiment and become familiar with this amazing new feature. It can open up so many new possibilities.

Posted by Sharon Carlson

Sharon's early years were supported at home by her Mum in Taranaki. She later became an ECE ICT facilitator for CORE Education, and then Storypark. Sharon has successfully supported the implementation of a diverse range of ICT products and services around the country and is helping make sure Storypark is awesome for teachers and children's development.

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