Andrew Fleck Child Care Services has been Ottawa’s leading family-oriented charitable early learning and family support organization since 1911. This blog post from their Executive Director, Kim Hiscott (RECE), shares her observations from using Storypark. 

image“We’ve always taken a leadership role in the child care community and in early childhood education. Over the past century, in response to the changing needs of the community, we have developed innovative programs to meet the diverse early learning and child care needs of families. Andrew Fleck Child Care Services takes pride in being progressive, responsive and – most importantly – committed to excellence in all its services. This is why we’re very excited to be using Storypark – leading online technology designed with our support.

We advocate for child care that promotes the optimum physical, emotional, social, cognitive and intellectual development of the child and believes in a holistic and family-centred approach to child care.


Storypark gives each child their own private community in which the people who matter most in their lives (parents, families, specialists and educators) can work together in supporting their individual interests and strengths. We implemented Storypark across a number of our services and it has delivered even more than we’d hoped.

The connection between the parents and educators has increased significantly and the opportunity to share learning stories on a regular basis has increased communication. Parents are excited to hear how their children are learning and are enthusiastically adding their own stories. This helps us better understand each child, enabling more responsive and intentional support for children’s learning.

We have educators with varying levels of confidence with technology, but Storypark is so simple! The Educators find the tool user friendly and less time consuming then how we constructed portfolios previously.


With Storypark, our Program Coordinators are able to participate by reading the stories and parents comments; they  sometimes even add their own reflections. This has allowed for great coaching and feedback conversations, developing the professional capabilities of our educators.

We’ve seen great improvements in practice, and Storypark also supports the recording of Continuous Professional Learning for our team.

Storypark is streamlining our processes, helping reporting and documentation, saving time and improving delivery. I thoroughly recommend Storypark to any service or educator focused on quality ECE.

Kim Hiscott, RECE
Executive Director
Andrew Fleck Child Care Services

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