At Storypark, we pride ourselves on being led by our purpose. Helping our customers make the biggest difference they can for children, families and educators is why we get out of bed in the morning.

With a lot of change currently happening in the world, we continue to be committed to and driven by our values. These are all centred around connecting and empowering a child’s community, to support every child to reach their full potential and be who they want to be in the world.

We love that we get to help you do great things, your way, in these important areas:

  • Building a thriving community around every child
  • Understanding what matters to every child
  • Learning together and growing together

How Storypark works with different CCMS platforms

Aside from the changes thrust upon us due to COVID-19 and our rapid transition to working in new ways, there are also changes happening within the Child Care Management System (CCMS) provider space right now. We have received a few questions asking how to best use Storypark with different CCMS platforms. To save you time and research, we have put some information together to help clarify this for you. 

We understand that during this period of uncertainty, now may not be a great time to be making decisions that would completely alter the way your educators plan, programme, document and engage with families. If you are feeling a bit of “information overload”, please don’t worry. It’s important to us that you know you don’t have to be rushed in your decision making, and that we are just a call away if you want to clarify anything else.

With this in mind, the good news is that Storypark works with any CCMS platform, so you can continue to do what’s best for children and educators by continuing to use Storypark alongside whichever CCMS is best for your administration. If you have any questions about how this works, just drop us a line, we are happy to discuss this with you. 

To find out how your chosen CCMS works alongside Storypark, simply click on the links below 

Kidsoft   I   QikKids   I   Xplor   I  Other 

Exciting things coming up at Storypark

Storypark has always been the chosen partner for services that keep children at the centre of everything they do. From this perspective, we are committed to investing in innovation that will have the biggest impact. Here is a sneak peek at some exciting new developments we are currently working on:

  • ‘Daily Routines’ – Recording young children’s daily routines in one place alongside existing documentation, will make things a lot easier, and save time for both educators and parents.
  • ‘Enhanced Educator Portfolios’ – every educator will have a place to plan, reflect and nurture their own learning whilst providing evidence for accreditation and NQS requirements.
  • Continuous improvement of the new iOS App for Educators.
  • A way to include the child’s voice more deeply in the documentation of their learning.
  • An entirely new range of professional learning and development workshops. Providing access to professional development and learning opportunities is essential for early childhood educators and something we feel very strongly about. 
  • On the topic of learning, a new professional learning package in the Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub covers best digital documentation practice. This will be free for Storypark customers.

We will regularly share how we are progressing with these new features via our monthly newsletters so keep an eye on your inbox for updates, or in the Storypark Professional Practice Community on Facebook.

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