The director at Bayside Park Early Education Centre, says “we pride ourselves on our relationships with parents – and feel that our open and honest communication provides a solid foundation for us to work together to support, develop and enjoy each child in our care.”

This philosophy is one of the many reasons that Bayside Park were recently awarded an ‘Exceeding’ rating during their NQS assessment.

Educational Leader Michelle says that their adoption of Storypark played a major role in their rating going up two whole levels to Exceeding, because everything Bayside Park does is on the platform, and the assessor was able to access everything from learning stories, individual goals, communication with families, links to program and links to critical reflection.

Listen to Michelle talk about how the centre started by experimenting with Storypark and opening up communication with families.

Michelle’s favourite feature of Storypark is the fact that it’s live, and responses from parents can be immediate.

Storypark has opened up a deeper level of learning, says Michelle, because it helps the educators to think about assessment of learning inline with the framework and NQS learning outcomes.

Michelle says that Storypark is simple to use and flexible enough to adapt to every service’s individual context.

If you want to try Storypark in your centre to gather evidence for assessment and engage families, you can try it for free by signing up here.

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