Month: November 2017

christmas lights

Putting the love into Christmas

What do you want your children to remember about family Christmases? The world is a pretty diverse place so Christmas will mean lots of different things to us, but I bet your list has ‘love’ on it, and something about...

/ November 21, 2017

Supporting relationships and attachment in the early years

Relationships are broadly defined as the state of being connected or related. This can mean an association by blood or marriage, a kinship or the mutual dealings, connections, or feelings that exist between two parties. It is also recognised as...

/ November 8, 2017

Family engagement makes a huge difference for children at Auckland YMCA early learning services

Lorraine Duncumb, Group Manager ECE for YMCA Auckland In New Zealand wrote about her experiences using Storypark to engage families in their children’s learning and communicate important information about their services events and procedures.  Storypark has been a huge part of...

/ November 6, 2017