Dutch born, Maria Aarts, studied parent-child interactions for 40 years across various countries and cultures. She recognised the difficulties in explaining scientific observations of a child’s problems to parents and other educators and in turn developed ‘Marte Meo‘.

Marte Meo means ‘One’s own strength’ and is a method which is widely used in 43 countries. It gives parents and caregivers information that’s not only understandable but also applicable to everyday interactions, which supports children’s emotional and social development.

Now educators are able to incorporate the Marte Meo method into their programs using the Marte Meo Supportive Communication Learning set in Storypark.

By adding Marte Meo learning tags to learning stories in Storypark, parents and family members can watch the accompanying Marte Meo videos that you’ve selected and learn how to apply these techniques at home.

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