I have an admission. Sometimes I avoid checking my email, even when there are important things in it for me to deal with – because the mere thought of the chaos that is my inbox is enough to make my head feel like polystyrene and my cortisol levels to rise. 

Luckily, many of the emails I receive are quite similar to each other, and can easily be categorised. For example e-newsletter subscriptions, certain projects, updates from services I use. When filtering and categorising similar emails, you can drastically reduce the number of emails you receive, and only be alerted of the most important things. The other things are still there, they’ve just been neatly categorised for you to look at when you have the chance.

Here you’ll find step by step instructions on how to filter emails using many email clients.

An email client is a desktop application that allows you to receive, read, compose and send emails without having to use an internet browser. It provides a central interface for your emails and even allows you to add multiple accounts.


Every email client will operate slightly differently, but most allow you to set up email filtering.
You can create rules within your email clients Preferences or Settings so that emails from any source, can be grouped and sorted. So instead of emails cluttering up your inbox; you can create appropriate rules to direct them to a folder within your client instead.
Email filters depend on which email client you are using and every client will be slightly different. Most of the team at Storypark use the Mail app on Mac IOS computers.
To create a rule using Mail on Macintosh.
1. Open Mail and select Preferences.. (A) from the Mail menu at the top left of your screen. Then click Add Rule (B).
2. Follow the steps to create your Rule by entering a Description then setting the targets.
3. When you click OK it will ask if you would like to apply the new rule to all existing mail. Clicking Apply will move all your emails that meet the new rule into where ever you assigned them to go. Any future emails will also now be sent directly to the specified folder.
4. You can Edit or Remove any rule at any time.

Search Google on how to create email filters on your choice of client if it is different than Mail for mac. Not all email clients will allow this functionality, however. Here are instructions for filtering with Gmail.

We hope these tips help to make your workload a bit easier to manage, and like me you find yourself procrastinating less about checking your email!

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