With over 3,000 Early Learning Centres (ELC’s) around the world using Storypark it’s no surprise that children coming to your Early Learning Service may be bringing Storypark with them.

Transitioning from one ELC to another can be a big change in a little person’s life, not to mention a big change for their family too. A new environment, new teachers, new faces, new policies and more!

One thing that doesn’t have to change however is their Storypark profile. If a child already has a Storypark profile that was started at another service you can continue adding to their existing profile when they join your service.

Getting a head start on a child’s unique interests through accessing their Storypark profile allows you to support and nurture them through the transition period and long into their future learning.

So, how do you add a child who already has a Storypark profile to your account?

Ask the child’s parent to invite your service from their existing Storypark account. You can send a parent this link which explains how:


Alternatively, you can ask the child’s current early learning service to do it by sending them this link:


Once invited, you will receive an invitation via email and the child will be added to your service. Simple!

You can then go on to invite the parent as you usually would. The parent will need to accept the new invitation and confirm that it is the same child they already have a profile for. In doing so, the profiles will be merged and the new ELC will be able to view the individual stories that have been already created for the child.

The same goes for supporting the transition of a child leaving your ELC. Before a child heads to another early learning service or to school, you can invite their future teachers to Storypark so they can share the child’s learning journey. Click here for step by step instructions on how to do this.

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