I recently did a Storypark survey to our families through survey monkey and the results were fabulous.

100% positive.

img_3267Storypark is evolving at our service. The staff have really progressed in their programming using the Storypark tool.

Our connections with families has improved dramatically and their contributions to our program have truly benefited the staff and the children.

We are now using the conversations tool to conduct open discussions about our practices. Reflective practice conversations have been enriched through this tool.

I am posting research articles and exploring new ways of posing reflective, thought provoking questions where staff can share their ideas, etc.

I love that I am able to view observations and discuss them with staff and families across all groups.

It is wonderful to look back and see the progression of the children and the groups across the service over the year.



Rachelle Lloyd  |  Wyndhamvale Team Leader/Educational Leader  |  Kindergarten Services

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