One of the great things about Storypark is that it can follow the child. That means that when a child comes to you from another learning service, or maybe returns to your service after a time away, you can have access to the learning that was captured before they came to your service. So you will be able to understand what milestones that child has already met, where there emergent interests are headed and how they are developing.

When a child comes to your service, there are a couple of ways that you can add them to your Storypark. The parent can invite you from the Invite tab up the top in Storypark. When they click on that, they should make sure they select “Learning Service” before entering your details. Make sure that they use an email address for your centre that is already being used for your Storypark account. For more on this, they can refer to

Alternatively, you can create a new profile for that child and invite the parent using their current Storypark email address. When they receive the invitation, they should accept it and indicate that this is the same child when the prompt appears. This will then merge the two profiles for that child.

For more on this, check out:


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