Corpus Christi school has focussed  a lot of energy on engaging parents in their child’s learning. The school heard about Storypark and were instantly impressed with how easy it seemed to set up and manage and the potential to transform how we share student learning with parents.

imageStorypark was seen as a powerful tool which went far beyond the traditional parent teacher meetings, formal reports, information nights and more traditional ways that schools inform and engage parents in learning. The challenge for our school was to truly involve parents in their child’s learning

After just one term we found that using Storypark has been transformational in further building the partnership between home and school.

What impressed us the most was that parents could invite other family members to share in their children’s learning. Less management for the ICT leader! It was so easy to set up and manage. Even more impressive is that the child’s learning stories accumulate over the years- children are simply reassigned to a learning space as they advance a grade level and their learning journey follows!

Our parents mostly access Storypark from the app on their Smartphone. They control their own account, which is an added bonus for the school’s ICT leader!

We no longer use paper based student portfolios to showcase learning- teachers have found how easy it is to upload a photo, video or a worksample of student learning- providing real feedback in real time. 

Parents have commented about how easy Storypark is to access and how much they love receiving learning stories about their children.It’s not only classroom teachers posting either!

Our specialist teachers are posting stories to share what students have been doing in Performing Arts, Library, Italian and Physical Education. Our reading recovery teacher posts videos so that parents can see how how their child’s reading is improving. It’s like having open day every day- with parents having a real window into their child’s life at school.Parents are also uploading stories to share with their child’s teacher.


Storypark has had a truly transformational effect- allowing us to use the tool to build really strong connections between home and school and forge a true partnership with our parents. Students love seeing their teachers posting pictures, videos and learning stories and sharing them at home with their parents.

Corpus Christi is a culturally rich and diverse community and we were a bit concerned that language barriers may hinder our parents using Storypark- but we have seen the opposite! It’s so easy for parents to join, and access Storypark.”



Tamara Moravski
Learning and Teaching/ICT leader
Corpus Christi Glenroy

Posted by Storypark

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