Recording a child’s voice, thoughts and ideas and extending their individual interests helps them fulfill their unique learning journey.


We are very pleased to announce the launch of Storypark’s app for iPhone and iPad. Not only can you quickly and easily capture images and video while you’re in the moment with a child, but you can also record their voice via audio.

Capture a child’s voice as they reflect on their learning, share their comments and observations with family members overseas, record singing and hear their language progress over time.

Grandpa can speak a comment or tell a story rather than type it.

Mum can give praise and reinforcement, which educators can play back to her child.

We’ve also added a new feature so that educators and family members can record comments directly from the child’s perspective – recording directly from their voice or typing comments on their behalf.
Being made immediately aware of a child’s emerging interests and being able to explore learning stories created by others enables educators and families to be more responsive.
We hope that by including the child’s voice, educators and families will have even richer information to help nurture children’s learning and ensure every child has the opportunity to fulfill their unique potential.

app-store-logoWe’re excited to share this with all of our customers. It’s available right now on the App Store.

Click here to visit our help centre if you need help or have questions.

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