Month: June 2021

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An easy to use and effective CCMS solution

For many years, the management and educators at Junior Campus have trusted and used Storypark to document and share children’s learning, communicate with families, plan their learning program, make links to the curriculum and much more. Michellena Shelton, Company Director at Junior Campus, and Principal Consultant for Harmonise Solutions shares, “Storypark’s informed thinking and depth of understanding of what educators,...

/ June 28, 2021

How Storypark benefits our practice and operations

Written by Kim Hiscott, Executive Director, Andrew Fleck Children’s Services We’ve always been committed to engaging with families to share their child’s early learning experience; we do this through daily interactions but also through purposeful documentation. Our “traditional” approach included educators spending hours creating amazing portfolios that while appreciated by parents for the most part, by the time they were...

/ June 5, 2021