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It’s Just a Phase! The Negotiator

If your child is somewhere between three and four years old, you have probably noticed her newfound negotiating skills. Maybe your first clue was a bedtime conversation like this: “Let’s get your pyjamas on and I’ll read you a story.”...

/ September 7, 2018

It’s Just a Phase: The Interrupter

You’re having a catch-up phone conversation with a friend. She’s sharing the nitty-gritty details of her life when your 3-year-old decides he wants to share the nitty-gritty details of his life. “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.” You try to shush him,...

/ August 17, 2018

Dear Teacher

Dear teacher, I know sometimes you may wonder why I do the things I do for my child so I just wanted to explain a little. I understand that at your centre you encourage independence, and you rejoice and celebrate...

/ February 27, 2018

She’s perfect

A mother’s letter she wrote to herself 2 years after her beautiful daughter was born with Down Syndrome. Frankie has just been born, she looks up at you with her beautiful almond-shaped eyes and you know immediately that she has...

/ October 16, 2017

Tips for engaging with children’s learning from Dan Donahoo

Dan Donahoo gave us 5 tips for parents for engaging in children’s learning. Watch them here, and add your thoughts in the comments! Read more from Dan here: “Using the right avenue to engage with vulnerable families”

/ June 17, 2017