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The Damage of Gender Stereotypes At a Young Age

Parents gender stereotype their children before their baby is even born. If it is going to be a boy the room is painted blue and has airplanes, if it is a girl it is pink with princesses. Ironically Gender Spectrum...

/ September 20, 2016

From rosters, to no rosters

To roster or not to roster, that is the question? During my 14-year teaching career, I have taught in a learning service WITH rosters, and am currently working in a learning service WITHOUT rosters. When I started in my current learning...

/ March 15, 2016

Giving children authentic and specific praise and feedback

Do you often find yourself giving children feedback and hearing yourself use the same phrases many times a day? Do you often think your praise and acknowledgement sounds rehearsed, and non authentic? How does this make children feel about their...

/ February 19, 2016